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Room 39 - Pilot (Pilot 1/3) (NEW SERIES) Room 39 - Pilot (Pilot 1/3) (NEW SERIES)

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I'm sorry but this wasn't really good. The biggest problem is that I couldn't understand a word the characters were saying (because of the bad mics), so I dont even know if there were jokes.
That can be easily solved by adding subtitles.
The second problem is the lack of music or sound effects. Every shot has to have some sort of sound or it just feels wierd.
The writing was mostly meh (from what I could tell), and relied too much on cliches.
One thing that did make me smile was the floating gag at 1:09.
I'm sorry if I came off harsh in this, I'm not trying to offend, but I think you can do a lot better.

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ZombieWolfdotNet responds:

Yeah if you check the description you can see the YouTube version. I added subtitles. I did it so it isn't what YouTube guesses. Also we just got a musician for the project and he will be adding music in every episode. Thanks for your review!

Make A 'Mon Out Of You Make A 'Mon Out Of You

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I couldn't stop smiling through the whole thing, It's amazing.
It's so funny, and I have no idea why. I can't criticise this if I wanted to.
The only way I can see someone not liking this is if they never played pokemon or watched mulan.

Lucina's First Day Lucina's First Day

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well, that was fun. The refernces realy made it for me. The fact that it was lucina is pretty arbitrary though, and in 1:02 her hair is kind of cut. Anyway it was awesome.

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Snow Fight - Snowman´s Tale Snow Fight - Snowman´s Tale

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. It sounds so professional. Without any visuals, It's easy to get the story you told. What VST did you use for the strings?

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SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot opco for your kind review. I am very sorry for my late reply but a short time after the last reviews here my dads cancer reached a serious state and after a few very hard weeks he died. Thats why i wasnt active on NG and other social media and later i totally forgot about open reviews etc.

Well i used several stuff here. I think it was Spitfire Albion One, celesta and Vivace from sonokinetic, some Samplemodeling stuff, EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, 8Dio CAGE and the percussion from EWQL Hollywood Orchestra Diamond and ProjectSAM True Strike I.

I am glad that you liked my music and also for leaving your thoughts here.

All the best and i wish you a happy new year 2017!


Uberquest Main Theme Uberquest Main Theme

Rated 4 / 5 stars

That was fun.
While I did not play skyrim, so I have not heard its soundtrack, it does seem to fit that world.
I like the melody, I like the instrumentation, I like the soundfont (I would appreciate link/name), I like the EVERYTHING..... except the mixing; It was hard to follow the melody at certain points.
It sounds great, it feels medieval and feels grand.
all around a great song.

Toxodentrail responds:

Thank you for your feedback! The program I'm using is called FL Studio and the orchestrated instruments you're hearing comes from a VST called Edirol Orchestral. Really good to use once you get the hang of it.

Sacrifice Sacrifice

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I liked it, it reminds me of mulan a bit, probobly because of the war.

All the vocals are on point and emotional, and the strings fit perfectly.
There are two things I think could have been better:
1.It drags a little bit, there are long segments where nothing changes.
2.As beatiful it is to listen to, the lack of a melody makes this song not very memorable.

All around this song is pretty good, and I can see it being played during an actual (dramatic, not action packed) war scene.

SoundSpectre responds:

Thanks for listening and the feedback i appreciate it :)